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Laboratory for
computational biology & biomedical data science

Democratizing data-driven biology to unravel the molecular mechanisms underlying health and complex diseases.
who are we?

We are a team of biologists, statisticians, mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and data scientists. We develop computational methods to turn big data into actionable biological and biomedical insights.

Find out more about our team, what we are up to, and how to join us.

what's our goal?

Our goal is to enable biomedical researches to effectively reuse massive collections of publicly-available data — e.g., omics, knowledgebases, unstructured text, genetic associations — to gain nuanced insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying heterogeneous traits and disease.

what's our approach?

Big data collections contain valuable signals that can help fill critical gaps in our biomedical knowledge. We use statistics and machine learning to mine these data and build predictive models. These models then help us link genes & cellular mechanisms to various aspects of health and disease. Find out more about our research.

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